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    I installed Ultimate Member to cut down on the spam users/messages and it has helped. I have been able to reject all of them before they approved via e-mail which has eliminated all spam messages. However, I’m still getting several new spam registrants and the common feature seems to be that the first name and the last name and the user name are all the same.

    Is there a way to require that the first and last names be different or could the plugin look for cases such as this? Here’s an example:


    Using the standard register form with all fields set to required:


    I have considered adding Google reCAPTCHA but would like to remove one more hoop for new users to jump through.

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    This one happens to be my personal site. I just changed it from a bbforum to a wordpress two weeks ago so I haven’t gained much traction yet with only one legitimate subscriber so far. But I already had 25 spam registrants – they couldn’t post but it was irritating. Hopefully this will stop the majority.

    On a work site I monitor, we have had many users sign up multiple times with multiple e-mail addresses and then wonder why they can’t find their products under this account when the products are under a different account so we usually have to end up merging them all into one of the accounts. Or, better yet, they have some products under each account!


    Very good.

    I will add a spammers log,
    which you can view from a WP page via a shortcode,
    with date/time, the entered names, email and IP
    for follow up like adding spam IP’s to your Wordfence firewall IP block list

    Do bear in mind just how many email IP addresses are shared and not unique to a particular user – IP number blocking is a blanket measure that may penalise many other innocent users. For instance some of the cheaper or free email providers use IP as a primary signal in spam blockers with dire consequences for people unfortunate enough to share their outgoing email IP with other customers of that provider – often they will not know this is the case and their rejections are due to other users.

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    Hi @jetdv

    Thanks for letting us know how @missveronicatv’s solution resolves the issue.
    I am closing this thread now.


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