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  • I’m using the Contributors Can add-on that allows my Authors to revisionize select posts and submit them for pending review. These then show up in the Dashboard Widget for me to take care of the next time I log in – perfect so far!

    However, is there any way I can add Editors to the “pending review” feature without limiting their revisionize access? I want my Editors to be able to Revisionize any posts, but when they submit them for “publish,” I’d like to be notified in the Dashboard Widget.

    I’m aware I can add Editors to the Limit Contributors to Posts section of Contributors Can, but I don’t want to limit my Editors in that manner. They currently edit 200+ posts over the course of a year and listing out all of the exact post IDs in this line isn’t quite feasible. Plus I don’t want to cut off editorial access to all posts, I simply want to be alerted whenever they want to push a revision.

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