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  • Well, not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but you all tend to be pretty damn good so…

    Usually, when one clicks an mp3 link, it defaults to streaming. Is there a way to make mp3 files default to popping up the “save as” dialogue on my site? Maybe with a plugin or something? You know, so people don’t have to right click and choose “save target”? Maybe?

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  • It does not “usually default to streaming” unless the user chose that as the default option. If I click on the link, my browser opens the player I chose to play the file, if I right click and select “save”, it is downloaded. I could have set my browser to “automatically save files with this extension” but didn’t.

    I wasn’t quite clear – I didn’t mean that it streams. In fact, it seems to load the whole thing and then play it in an embedded quicktime player. I figured out how to get it to stop doing that in Firefox, but not in MIE. Any thoughts?

    How exactly did you get Firefox to stop doing streaming mp3
    s automatically and ask you what to do? I’ve been trying for hours now!

    Tools -> Options -> Downloads -> Plug-Ins… -> then find the mp3 extension and uncheck the checkmark. After that, Firefox should ask you if you want to download when you click on the file.

    I still haven’t figured out how to do this in Internet Explorer.

    Beel: Didn’t quite do it. Seems like it should, but it doesn’t. In MIE, it still just goes to a blank page with an embedded quicktime slider.

    This is different for PC and Mac (what else is new) on a mac, you can simply create an m3u file which is a link to the mp3 file. So the mac downloads it.

    It is my understanding that on a PC it is entirely the opposite…


    This solution requires the user know what to do.

    I have a program download.php which I use to force downloads for any type of file including .jpeg .mp3

    There is an example on my Chinese blog

    If there is demand, I could remove the personal bits and make the program public.

    In response to demand, I’ve put the PHP code on a diary page:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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