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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Not yet. It is a planned feature. How would you like it to work?

    Hmm. Initial thoughts:
    In Posite Options > Image:
    <th scope=”row”> Image is always featured [yes/no]
    <span class=”recommendation”>The first image, alphabetically, will be parsed as a featured image for a blog post. </span>
    This will automatically sort the attachments, which are more often than not going to be off a camera/smartphone. chances are, people are going to take the more important image firstand that’s usually going to be the featured. When it comes to alphabetization, ‘img_1234.jpg’ and ‘img_1242.jpg’ would sort just fine.


    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Thanks for the input. I’ll be considering a global setting as you suggest as well as a keyword to turn the featured image on per email.

    sweet. thanks for the response

    Installed your Postie plugin last night and all is working well – sweet!

    Like Wayne, I am also very keen to have the image featured, so look forward to your continued work on this! I am sure you have many things on your plate – do you have any idea how long this one is from being done?

    One nice addition would be an option to autocreate a smaller thumbnail for larger images… most people I think use larger images on posts than on their front page.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    >One nice addition would be an option to autocreate a smaller thumbnail for larger images

    You can do this now if your “Preferred Text Type” is “plain” then you can take advantage of the image templates where you can specify the size of image to use in your post.
    See “Image Handing” at

    Some additional support for opus13i, for most themes that I use it would be very nice to have this option!

    In most of the themes a portfolio page or blog uses a featured image, for the main (or overview) page. In addition, it would be nice to have these options:

    1. Use image in post
    2. Use image as featured image
    3. Use image in post and as featured image

    Now, this leads to the question “which image should be the featured image if I send multiple images?”. Selection criteria could be:

    a. “alphabetic”
    b. “length of filename”
    c. “file size (smallest image = featured)”
    d. “image size (smallest pixels = featured)”

    a. is used for people that can choose their image name
    b. used for people that can choose their image name, but want to use the description of the image. (To avoid misspellings)
    c. for people that just want the smallest image on their home/overview page
    d. for people that are able to send multiple prepared files at once (designers, photographers) in which case the smallest file could be a manually created thumbnail/project overview.

    I’m not a pro coder, so i’d estimate this to take quit some work, however, i’d definitely pay for this functionality!

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Thanks for the good discussion.

    Another option is to leverage the #img# syntax, however this only works if you are using the “text” mode.

    #img1 caption=’some great info’ featured#

    @wayne Allen,

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I assume you mean that this syntax has to be put in the mail right?

    Without trying to offend them, I use this functionality for the end users, some of them don’t even understand how to login to a WordPress installation. So I’d rather not ask them anything more difficult than to send a photo by phone to a pre-defined mail address.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    It sounds like having a simple “first image is featured” setting might solve a lot of people’s needs.

    Seems good to me!

    Yup, keep it simple for a V1. If you want to get fancier in the future, well…

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Featured images are now supported in 1.5.3

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