Force a role to insert a value for a custom taxonomy in a custom post (1 post)

  1. somtam
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello everybody,

    I have a custom post, with a custom taxonomy.
    When the editor insert a new post I need they to chose a category ( custom taxonomy ).

    I read around and I found a conceptual street, but then need some advice to make it real!

    I use the hook "save_post".
    I check the role, then I check in the $_post variable if received the value of the taxonomy, and if not, I send them back to the page with a message "hey, don't forget to insert bla bla bla...".
    First problem: how to make the checks only in the page of my custom post?
    Second problem: how to send them back with the allert message?

    It make sense... eheheh... only... now the syntax... mmm...


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