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  • The 403 is a response to a direct request for a directory and is caused by the Options -Index settings in your .htaccess file. I believe it’s working the way it’s supposed to, because in this case, I suspect that the /wp-admin directory doesn’t exist in your root domain.

    You don’t appear to have a wordpress site at, however
    there is a WordPress site at


    Thank you so much for helping. I do have a WordPress site but I can not access it, the test site that is on here I can log in but the information is not accurate, it’s like it deleted. It has the basic information there but the theme and information is not there. If I can just access the WordPress site it would be fine but it says I am forbidden, it was working fine up until Friday morning. The word press site was working fine until Friday.

    My website was a wordpress site which was working fine on Thursday, then on Friday I could not log in. I am not talking about the test site. Now I can not log into it at all.

    My wordpress websites admin continues to not allow me to log in. It says:


    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/ on this server.

    it is

    I was told to try this URL located below but what part of this URL do I need to try, I am not familiar with this at all.

    can anyone help? I need to get my site back up and running.

    It seems odd that the directory request returns a 403 and not a 404 if it’s just missing – if the directory is in fact there, the 403 might indicate an issue with your sites ability to parse index.*. files (which would be odd, because index.php files in the /test directory seem to work fine), but, there still appears to a browser, that there are no WordPress files (at least not some of the ones that should be immediately accessible) at the root of that I can find. They all return a 404 error.

    Try it yourself

    – then open your ftp client and visually inspect what’s actually in the root directory.

    The 404’s indicate file not found. What do your eyes tell you when you look for them in your ftp client? And just for giggles, what is the exact file name and exact extension of the file that you’re using for the landing page?

    This is what I am trying to say, it was working fine thursday now it is not working. I know what I mean and what I am saying. My site was a wordpress site the site was and was working perfectly fine until friday morning. I would log in here: and now i am unable to log in. I also had a test site as well, which also is not working properly. I can log into it but all the content is not correct and I am also trying to restore that back to its original content.

    so my wordpress site wordpress site does not work at all and the site is completely messed up.

    also the original test pages do not work for example:

    these all keep coming up as if it never exist

    and out was working fine thursday

    now the test site that is up is providing different links

    Can someone please assist in restoring my wordpress back to its original content and also assist me in logging into my wordpress site which i am unable to log into. it was working fine and now it is not working. the wordpress log in is located below
    each time i try to log in it will not allow me it says forbidden.

    I know what my website is and what i have been logging into.

    my test site also is not working.

    ..and you’re choosing to completely ignore answering my questions while insisting on simply repeating the summation of your symptoms. The result is a circular and non-productive conversation. In short – this discussion isn’t helping you any.

    You can get this issue resolved by taking a minute or two to contact the support group at your host. Use their ticketing system or one-on-one mode of communication to explain your concerns, and request assistance in resolving your issue. They can advise you on any adjustments you need to make, and help you in understanding what may have gone wrong.

    That may include reviewing your log files, answering questions about any changes you recently made, and in particular, explanations regarding the landing page in your root domain where you say you previously had an active, functioning WordPress installation. Be patient with them, and work with them to resolve your issues. That’s what you pay them for, after all.

    Good luck to you!

    Please allow someone else to assist me! Of course I tried talking to my host and they stated while it is a wordpress site ONLY wordpress can assist. Hopefully someone else is more helpful and kind, THANKS!

    ClaytonJames thanks for trying to help, however my host seems to NOT be helpful at all! They said WORDPRESS has to many programs, files etc…. and are not helpful at all. Hopefully someone will help and it can get resolved. Thanks anyway.

    Also the test site that is up is the incorrect site. It is very frustrating when you have a very nice site that is gone in a matter of minutes and no one can assist in restoring it. I do appreciate you trying to help, but at this point I may have to rebuild an entire site which is ridiculous to me, that no one can assist in the restoration. My host said they have no control over any wordpress files and wordpress can’t help either. one site is gone and the other I can log in but its incorrect information.

    I politely acquiesce, and wish you the best of luck!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    however my host seems to NOT be helpful at all!

    …Perhaps it’s time to consider another host…?

    My wordpress websites admin continues to not allow me to log in. It says:


    WordPress does not do that, that’s a host problem. If it were WordPress you’d get another more verbose error message such as “Bad password for that userid” or something along those lines.

    I went to the thread and I think ClaytonJames has been trying his best (Jan waves to ClaytonJames and says thanks) so just to review:

    Your WordPress installation is currently located at this URL.

    You’re currently running the Empress theme from these guys.

    Which we don’t support here but never mind that for now.

    You’re running WordPress 3.4.2 which after you get this sorted out you should upgrade.

    So try this: Login by clicking this URL.

    See if that lets you in. if it does not work then please paste the entire error message you get as a reply here.

    yes i think ClaytonJames was trying to help. I am talking to the host now to try to get this resolved. Been on the phone with them for 3 days non stop now, i agree its time to change host. The test site that is shown, is not the correct site. I had two wordpress sites. and

    I was trying to convert the test site into just the and thats when everything went bad.

    The is deleted off of my host’s site and only the remains ( which is the correct site) only thing is, when i try to log in i am forbidden and can’t get in, if i can get in i can reset permanlinks etc.. I just can’t get in and the test site information that is shown is incorrect.

    the links should be etc…

    that is the correct test site not the one that is coming up.


    Not to beat a dead horse, or intrude where I may no longer be welcome, but this has relevance.

    Cached pages indicate the probability of a functioning HTML site in the root directory as of January 18.

    The link on the landing page in root now links to the sub-directory /test, rather than the rest of the existing site in root.

    [edit] which amazingly enough, within 60 seconds of my posting this, now redirects to the /test sub-directory. Huh… guess they must be trying to straighten things out.

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