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  • Some time ago I had to moved hosts.

    This old woman only discovered the extent of my (old) hosts capabilities when my (old) site went down, and they couldn’t, nay: they didn’t want to sort it out, but I eventually proved that it was their fault that my site crashed the way it did.

    Proving that didn’t help in finding that I’d lost the lot.

    Fortunately my old WP installation did have the standard export function under Tools -> Export. One ZIP file later in hand and stored safely on my PC, .. I then installed in on my new hosts server using this simple Importer Plugin.

    – And this quite brilliant little Plugin did it with out any hassle either. (Unlike the standard Import that didn’t work). I can’t tell you the joy I felt in seeing all my old pages and blogs reappear. True I did have to rejig some, but it was easy.

    To all those who say its rubbish: then I must vehemently disagree.

    Using the standard Export function in WP, and this tactful Plugin, then you have a FREE backup tool.
    No, .. WP doesn’t do automatic backs ups, but what this Plugin does: is actually restore your entire site competently, and with one click.

    It’s free, don’t bitch: and the title of this review says it all.
    “For what it’s worth,” and it’s worth a lot when you’ve lost it.

    I haven’t, so back your site up for free now: then sit back in he knowledge that if it does crash and burn, (as mine did with that nasty 5.2 update), then at least you can get back to where you were before the fires of hell rained down on you.

    Thanks for reading, Jessica.

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