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  • WordPress, as most know, is a volunteer driven community. As the popularity of WordPress increases, so does the popularity of the forums. This is where you come in (or already have). It is through each others experiences that we all learn, and one of the best things in gaining knowledge is to share that knowledge. However, as a community, there needs to be a general consensus as to how to disseminate that information. So, sometimes, issues regarding the forum come up, in which the forum itself is not the proper venue to discuss them.
    Fortunately, Podz created a mailing list much in the same fashion that the codex team and hackers have a list.
    The mailing list however is not a place to argue the merits of BBpress versus another bulletin board platform, nor is it a place to seek support. It is, however, a place for open discussion on how to make the forums an even better clearing house of information and place for users to turn.

    Mailing List:

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