For those who asked, CG-PowerPack 1.5a7 is up... (2 posts)

  1. davidchait
    Posted 10 years ago #


    The CHANGES.TXT file details all the new things in this release. Please note that people with pre-1.5a6 code should read the readme/changes files as the database table names all changed (forgot to mention it last time around). For new users, it's a non-issue. ;)

    Post away if there's any questions. Every release, stuff keeps getting better. :) :)


  2. davidchait
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Oh, and for those who haven't yet been introduced to the PowerPack, it includes a bunch of extremely useful and powerful plugins -- the above link details them all, but the big ones are:
    - CG-Amazon: live product data from Amazon on your sidebar or in posts, plus an integrated Admin page for managing your own custom database of products.
    - CG-Inline: speedy macro system which generates complex HTML, from permalinks to other posts, to queries on google, to embedded Amazon floating product links with 'buy me' button.
    - CG-Feedread: quick RSS aggregator, handles major formats, international character sets, plaintext or html content, sidebar or page-body output, and much more.


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