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  • Mike


    so i’m ready to kill someone. here it is 12am on a friday night, i’m trying like hell to get a site done for a client. i’m using this theme that i got off of i’m getting near done, and i go into the footer.php to amend the credit links because i’ve completely customized this OPEN SOURCE theme. i save the page and WITHOUT WARNING it breaks the entire site. i get a blank page with the following message:

    “This theme is sponsored, all links in the footer should remain intact”

    problem 1: i’ve edited the footer.php already. i’d hit the back button and fix it, accept i really don’t recall how your credit links appeared, exactly, or even what site yours is that i should be linking to. sorry, theme designer guy

    Problem 2: I was going to go to my browser where the site was loaded, and hit view source, but i accidentally hit refresh instead, now the page just says: “”This theme is sponsored, all links in the footer should remain intact”

    problem 3: is down, and i can’t get back to the theme page to re-download. last ditch effort is i looked in the site files and found the name of the theme to google it and go to the designers home page to grab the download …

    all very much a pain in my ass when its now 12:30 and i finally get things sorted out. yes, i’ll be sending a bill for that half hour to the themes designer. if they dont want to pay, they can stuff it up their you know what along with their dang credit links. guess what, if you don’t like the fact people are going to tweak your stuff, don’t design themes for an open source platform! boom. done.

    i mean really i think a warning is in order here.

    you know, if your credit link is so important, why dont you include that text for your link in blank page that comes up so i can simply hit the back button and know what i’m supposed to change it back to, so i can go about my work without having to waste all this time. instead you have to smoke the entire site on me. genius. guess you want to teach me some sort of lesson for trying to change your link.

    ok. end rant. enter clowns to tell me how i deserved it.

    yup, need to teach all these people who delete credit links a strong lesson, not to mess with an OPEN SOURCE theme like that.

    bottom line is it doesn’t give you a right to cost me time/money/work by setting some sort of booby trap, jackasses

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  • esmi


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    Next time, check that the themes you want to modify are actually released under GPL.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    And it might help if you would tell folks what theme it is, to warn them and thus have them stay AWAY from a theme violating GPL. Sadly, there’s no way WordPress Foundation can hunt down everyone finding every theme that violates the GPL agreement.

    Let me get this straight. You download a theme that someone spent a lot of time creating and determine that it’s perfect for your client’s site. You then decide to edit the footer which ended up costing you a half hour of time. Lastly, you go on a tirade about billing the designer for that 30 minutes after you grabbed the free theme.

    To top it off, you spend another 10 minutes to rant about it here and waste about a hundred other people’s time reading your post when you don’t even offer any helpful info. Do you see the irony?

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