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  • hi guys..

    I want to post articles in a read-only format on these articles will be scanned by me and put on the website. I tried scanning on last night, put it into google docs ( and set it to public…

    now, I took the the gviewer link, put it into the HTML page, and added to above link to it so it looks like this…

    [gview file=””]

    but nothing shows up on the web page…I know I am missing something….

    and in all honesty, maybe I am missing how this is supposed to be used…why do I need a viewer when I can just link to any public google doc?..


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  • are you using a plugin for that shortcode?

    Hi Rich..

    yep, dl’d the plug in and activated it…


    all I am trying to do is scan articles about RC cars on put them on my site for everyone to enjoy…but I don’t want to allow printing of them…

    so if this is the wrong app for that let me know also..thanks for you help

    well i still don’t know what plugin you are using…

    from the
    “Note: the file= attribute (pointing to the full URL of the file) is required.”

    The embedded link you’ve given doesn’t end in .pdf, it is a link to the google viewer. You are telling the viewer to embed the viewer. You must tell the viewer to embed a file.
    [gview file=””]

    thanks David..

    thats kind of what I thought…so where is the PDF file except on my PC?..and wher does it need to be..

    thanks man, If I can help you with anything RC let me know..

    Upload the pdfs from your desktop to your WordPress media gallery. Don’t upload the pdfs to google.


    Use a link to the file instead of link to the page when embedding in the gview shortcode.

    FYI, nothing you can do to prevent users from printing anything the browser will display.

    Hi David..

    that worked…I see the PDF article displayed on the page..thanks,,

    I also tried uploading without the doc viewer and got a nice link that opened into a pdf viewer…so thats cool too..

    what I am trying to do is embed the articles so google pics up the words and viewers can see the doc if they click on the link.

    any ideas?..Tbanks

    Anyway, any url to any pdf/ppt/tiff file can be turned into a link that is displayed by the google doc viewer (no need for any plugins).

    Upload a file to your gallery, get its url, visit this google page to generate the link, and paste the result back into your post.

    thanks David….

    any ideas on how to turn articles I have scanned into text on my site so google picks up the content? (besides copying and rewriting the article I have scanned?)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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