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  • So I registered for a new wordpress account even though my actual blog is through dreamhost (because hours of searching seemed to indicate that this is what I needed to do in order to get an API key), and I’m no closer to finding that key than I was before. It was supposedly somewhere on the page, and I don’t see where. I was sent the email (I also read that the API key should have been in the email) and I do not see it there either. I am not a techie– I’m a lowly social worker, and I just need to know where that API key is. Can’t somebody PLEASE just tell me this one thing in plain English so I can get the stats plugin to work???

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  • Check your spam filter?

    There wasn’t anything sent in any email by WordPress. (That wasn’t a bad idea, though… thanks…) I had to go on an extended expedition in order to find API clues on the blog page. Through some miracle, the hunt eventually bore fruit. What I figured out was that it’s necessary to actually go to the Akiskal page… (that can’t be right. Hagop Akiskal is a research physician known for his groundbreaking work on bipolar depression. Oh, y’all know the one I mean!) Anyway, I somehow ended up there; DON’T ask me how. Then I had to request a key after having been sent on a guilt trip about not paying for it (I’m on unemployment!!) The route to success was incredibly circuitous. All in all,I think I need geekier friends.

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