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  • Why the hell you remove the feature at all and leave no choice for users? If you are caring about long-term SEO show users a notification and let them to decide!!!

    Now I have decrease in behavioral factors (increased bounce rate) since Google shows subpages in index that actually have no clear answer for the user’s question. That’s because answer was indexed on page 3, and now moved to page 4. However, the main archive page especially designed to deliver this answer.

    Why you consider users so stupid that they cannot decide on what they want for indexing? You can disable the option by default but keep it available for advanced users who have independent vision on how to handle subpages.

    The monopoly is always a bad idea. Unfortunately, Yoast is de-facto SEO monopoly in WordPress, no suitable alternative for me.
    But I really frustrated by such authoritative approach where you decide what is better for users. That’s not fair.

    I believe Yoast as an industry standard shall offer best practices for users but not dictate what to do and how do SEO.

    It is stupid to force people to follow what you think is right with no choice, even if it’s “confirmed” by someone from Google. Google is not the only search engine in the Internet.

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    Hi @autostrada,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We are sorry to hear you’re having problems with Yoast SEO. In version 6.3 of the plugin, we removed the ability to noindex archive subpages. As you can read on this post, the reason for this decision is two-fold:

    1. Google has gotten much better at working with paginated series. The “rel=”next” and rel=”prev” tags (output by Yoast SEO) make sure Google sends people to the first page in a paginated series. There may be cases though where Google will send people to a specific page in the series, but that’s when that page is the best match for their query.
    2. Noindexing all subpages leads to a lower amount of crawls for them, which subsequently leads to lower amounts of crawls for older articles, which is not a good idea on most sites.

    That beign said, if you still want to noindex archive subpages, you can do so by implementing the wpseo_robots filter.

    Amazing! All I need to use hacks and code! What a wonderful approach! Instead of keeping an option for users you delete it and now I need to learn how to code and use filters.

    Thank you very much indeed for pushing my personal development! Cheers!

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    Hi @autostrada,

    Noindexing archive subpages is not necessary in most cases as it won’t normally do any good to your SEO. That’s why we don’t offer such option as a plugin setting in the backend and, instead, provide a filter for advanced users to noindex specific pages. We hope you understand we don’t want normal users to mess around with advanced SEO settings which may negatively impact their sites if set up incorrecty.

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