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    Sorry for not responding sooner- I didn’t know this forum existed until now!

    You can install the plugin like you would with any other WordPress plugin- through the ‘Plugins’ menu on your dashboard.

    Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can use it by placing code like this in a post:

    <div id="playerContainer">player will render here</div>

    [tonedenplayer dom="#playerContainer" skin="light" visualizertype="waves"][/tonedenplayer]

    The first line with the <div> tags just adds an invisible placeholder to your post, with an id of “playerContainer”. You need to add this so that later you can tell the player to appear in that placeholder. Put this placeholder where you want your player to be displayed.

    The second line is what tells the player how, where, and what to display. The part that says dom="#playerContainer" tells the player to appear in the HTML element that has an id of “playerContainer”.

    The part that says skin="light" tells the player to use the “light” skin. You can customize the player by changing “light” to either “dark”, “mojave”, or “aurora”.

    visualizerType="waves" means that the player will use the “waves” visualizer. You can change this to “bars” to show the bars visualizer, or “none” to hide the visualizer. Note that the visualizer only works in Chrome at the moment.

    The most important part of the shortcode is the text between the [tonedenplayer] and [/tonedenplayer] tags. It says “”, which is the SoundCloud URL of the song this player will play. You can change this to be whatever song URL you like, or you can play multiple songs by separating them by commas, like [tonedenplayer],[/tonedenplayer]. You can also copy in the URL of an artist to play that artist’s songs, like [tonedenplayer][/tonedenplayer].

    Let me know if you need any more help setting up the player.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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