• I have use it on my website which runs Flatsome theme 3.13.3/WP 5.7.1/WC 5.2.2/PHP 7.4.18/MySQL
    Objective was the manual translation of menus/categories/Attribute names/UX Block content from English (Default Lang.) to Greek. I haven’t publish the multilang website yet, but on several tests I did my self everything runs as it should.
    Settings section of the plugin, have few options (positive for me) and very understandable.
    For translations on ux-blocks I have used wp classic text editor to make the translation, which was the easiest and safe choice for me. Maybe if I was using flatsome ux-block visual editor I would have same result.
    As I sell technology products I didn’t translate descriptions (basically on my case descr. is referring to technical specs) as in greek technology terms are not very understandable to consumers but on product pages which I have specification section I have translate attribute names ex. CPU /Memory… with out any problem.
    I am not a professional developer, but I have some basic knowledge of coding which as I said previously I used only on ux-blocks which I did the translation using wp classic editor.
    Bottom-end after trying many of the popular translate tools, my jobs was successfully done with Wp-Multilang.
    I believe the developers deserve a boost so I will donate. 🙂

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