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    I used to use the plugin “Recently Popular” on my site for view counting. However as my site gets bigger the plugin significantly slowed down my site.

    I was wondering if this plugin is suitable for bigger websites. Let’s say around 100k page views per day. Will it slow down the page load speed? Does anyone have experience on this? Thanks.


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  • Plugin Author Julio Potier



    You have to know that i do not create another table like Recently Popular does.
    I’m using the postmeta table.
    Also i create 5 meta fields per post, 1 per year, 1 per month, 1 per week, 1 per day.
    So, i will create 50+12+1=63 table entries max per post per month.
    This table can grow and grow, logically WP is pretty well done to handle this.



    I see.

    I was hoping that this plugin store data like this, but didn’t have the time to look up in SQL/plugin code yet. This plugin looks very promising.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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