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  • Interesting, thanks for posting that. I’ve installed that update on my site and it seems to work well, though I’d rather it come from the official W3 Total Cache release than a random site.

    Will it fix previously created load of data?

    @awebus, what exactly do you mean by “created load of data”?

    @shyzer: wmiles has also published an enhanced version of This worked very well on my site, too. With these good expericences, I personally do trust his releases.

    wmiles has announced his releases in this forum earlier, here is the link to his original post.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Should update to latest, issues have been resolved there.

    @frederick Townes:

    Maybe the resolved the inital issue in this thread, but from what I can see in this forum, it causes a lot of other issues.

    For me, wmiles forked version still is the most

    1. feature rich
    2. bug-free
    3. enhanced

    best working version so far. Check his release notes here.

    I am using it on shared hosting – it works brilliantly. Check this, this and this thread to understand why.

    With cloudfront CDN, I have managed to get my pageload speed down to less than 1,0 seconds.

    This is amongst other things due to the fact that wmiles has fixed cache preload function (and some other features) which do not work or did not exist at all in Frederick Townes release.

    I can really recommend the fork by wmiles!

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Hi @wp-fan, it would be great if we can talk offline. Please contact me through my site.

    Hi @frederick Townes,

    I just sent you a message via contact form.

    I’m sad to report that I found it necessary to follow wp-fan’s recommendations, as I’ve been experiencing problems ever since “upgrading” to and then downgrading down to again after it messed up a bunch of things.

    I have now performed a clean uninstall and used the suggested “forked” release above – no more downtime (had on and off downtime every day since upgrade) and page speed scores of above 90 again.

    Awesome plugin, but hope Frederick and the team release an update that addresses the many issues – really looking forward to it!


    Glad to hear it helped. I am still very happy with that version, too.


    what did Frederick Townes want to talk to you offline about?

    I’m very interested to know.

    I find it strange that w3 total cache worked fine for years and all of a sudden it begins to have issues. Interesting that the new “update” has an offer for professional service?

    what did Frederick Townes want to talk to you offline about?

    If we had a private conversation via Skype, would you like me to make the details public afterwards? 😉
    But what to give you an idea, we talked about some technical implications of the project and that wmiles version is probably not a “fork”.

    Interesting that the new “update” has an offer for professional service?

    I have voiced a few thoughts about the paid service Frederick offers here.

    I updated the plugin yesterday and lost the ability to login to my wp-admin.

    The only way i’m able to login is by deleting the plugin folder and the associated files in wp-content. Any ideas? can i revert to a previous version of the plugin and if so where can I find the older version.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    You can find older versions of the plugin under the Developers section on the front page. I downgraded myself to and will be sticking with it until it seems all issues have been resolved.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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