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  • Hi There,

    I was doing searching last night but couldn’t find anything to help me filter out a single page to be non-HTTPS without changing the plugin.

    For all those that want to make your whole site except for /example/ HTTPS insert the following code into the URL Filters:


    Just replace “example” with the page/link you require.

    Hope this saves people some time, and should probably be put as an example expression?



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  • Can a direct url be specified to be excluded? Such as: ? I have just one tiny piece of content that causes IE to throw its arms up because the server that’s hosting it does not have an SSL cert.

    I presume you do infact have a SSL cert. installed? My site is working fine with Internet Explorer, which IE are you using?

    For my website I have a page with video content which is insecure but I wanted the rest of the site to be secure.

    Let’s say my website is and my page I want to be http is

    The settings I use in wordpress-https are:

    SSL Host:
    Force SSL Administration: Checked
    Force SSL Exclusively: Checked

    Then in the Secure filters box I have only the following:

    And that is it.

    One more thing I have thought of is you may have the settings the same as above or setup correctly, but you may have the page’s parent the page which you want http, setup to force ssl manually.
    So make sure you check that the page doesn’t have “secure post” checked or the page’s parent does not have “secure child posts” checked. (These options can be found in the wordpress edit page admin panel)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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