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  • OWMC


    Upon installing WP we get 7 themes (the Twenty… series). This is unnecessary bloat. For noobs it seems pointless, for theme developers it’s just frustrating. One theme is enough for all.

    It got me thinking about if the whole Install process could not be a lot more customisable. As a theme developer, I don’t really want any themes, or plugins, or default content.

    How about using the install page to allow users to specify what themes and plugins they want included, the default content, whether they want core, themes and plugins to auto-update (this could be on a per item basis for plugins and themes). Something like with Softaculous?

    I’m getting into automating new projects on my localhost. I’m playing with Yeoman, Composer and other tools to speed things up. It would be cool if there was a WP Core repo I could call from these tools that doesn’t include all the themes and Hello Dolly and Akismet plugins (I have literally never used Akismet).

    What do people think?

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  • esmi


    I agree that having 3 Twenty series themes seems a little like overkill but every WP install should have (and retain) at least one Twenty series theme – the current default one. That is needed in case of issues (added or otherwise) in the current active theme when all that is needed is a quick theme folder rename and the site comes back up automatically using the default theme.

    I imagine that the 2017 theme is currently being shipped in the core download as part of the run up to it becoming the new default theme but I, personally, would like to see the 2015 theme quietly retired from the download.



    I concede keeping one default theme is fundamental.

    When we download WP from we get the last 3 Twenties, but the GitHub repo provides 7. And this is what gets used when we install via Composer or a Yeoman generator. I would have thought people who download WP via GitHub tend to be the people who least want so many themes, but instead they are given even more than the site download delivers.

    (PS. omg! Esmi you were one of the first mods on here to talk to me, and discipline me in forum etiquette! that was back in 2008 or something… hope you’re well ๐Ÿ™‚ )



    the GitHub repo provides 7

    Ugh! That is way OTT! Not sure who maintains the GitHub repo that you are using or even if it’s an officially recognised download point. I vaguely recall someone asking about setting up a GitHub download years ago & getting the go ahead but can’t recall whether it deemed unofficial. Just wondering if you’re raising this in the wrong place…

    hope youโ€™re well

    Not too bad, thanks. Just not been as active this past year compared to previous years. ๐Ÿ™‚



    It seems to me to be an official WordPres GitHub download point ( The only stipulation is “Please do not send pull requests. Submit patches to instead.”

    Do you think I should raise this somewhere else? I just don’t see a good use case for having so many themes.

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    I thought the default download comes with The current and two previous themes in the Twenty XYZ series. In my opinion, if you don’t want the extra themes you can always delete them. After all, if you’re using a install then you should in theory have access to files and resources to edit the site.

    I don’t recall there being seven different themes bundled together in the download though. I’d imagine that’s an unofficial source.



    It’s the official WordPress GitHub repo. And it comes with all 7 Twenties.

    Deleting bloat is time consuming for many theme developers. A thinner repo would be a most welcome option.

    you should in theory have access to files and resources to edit the site

    … you mean specifically the “default theme“, don’t confuse the default theme with the rest of a WordPress files and resources. You could say that the whole point of being a theme developer is to replace the default theme with a custom theme. So in theory and practice, no, not necessarily.

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