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  • SUUUUPER! We learn all the time, that not to install an update hurt the security of wordpress. So, what have i done?

    And now?
    I have deactivated the plugin. But what is with all my works?

    Hi, version 1.10.1 standard upgrades from our website, not from wordpress. Upgrading to 1.10.3 would update you to the latest lite version, so you would lose a lot of features.

    So let me understand. There are THREE version actually:
    Pro (1.11.4 on Timely site)
    Lite (1.10.4 on wp site)
    Standard (1.10.1 – just updated to 1.10.9 – on Timely site)
    Probably most of the problems coming from confusion between Lite and Standard, that is more features-rich that Lite and still free – so I ask
    WHY you still maintain two free versions?? And follow two free customer support!!?
    I think the best would be have just a free version on wp site and a pro one in your site!!

    ..and now I discovered that 1.10.9 Standard download button in the Timely site downloads 1.10.1 (winmerge checked identical)… definitely you must reorder yours – and ours – ideas 😉

    @faina09 yes you are correct and thanks for finding this. Great weekend 😀

    Ok i fixed this can you try to download 1.10.9?

    yes it’s ok. thanks

    Does not work! I read all the threads and try stuff but my postboard still not showing. Why don’t you make 2 versions Lite and Pro. My translation also not working anymore for the calender. This was my favorite plugin. Hope you can convince me again to put it on top of my list.

    K, so I didn’t see this before upgrading my plugins today. I’m now at Version 1.10.4…. What do I do now?

    Same situation – upgraded before seeing this and nothing shows now. Best path to “fix” ?

    FYI – I downloaded the free version straight from the website and it works again.

    I also did a fresh install of 1,10,9 on a new website with no plugins but its still plagued with problems – doesn’t update each days, navigation doesn’t work…. Timely’s support forum is a mess with conflicting information that isn’t updated and it looks like there is almost no support there now.

    @dragonc that sounds like a system configuration problem as a fresh install with no plugin installed works obviously.

    I get today an update notification on my website for your plugin. Press install and gone is the calendar.
    Wordpress says that it is installed, but i don’t see it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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