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  • Hi Michael,
    Thanks for this very useful plugin. The website I’m working on imports lots of documents with lots of footnotes/endnotes. I would like to be able to globally assign a style to all footnotes, but I’m not sure the best way to go about it. I’ve looked through the support topics and documentation but am not coming up with a solution. Since this website will be continually managed by different editors with varying levels of WordPress experience, I want to eliminate as much manual editing as possible.

    I see a couple options:
    1. Change style during conversion process by applying embedded style maps for the elements. The issue for me is I haven’t previously worked with embedded style maps and can’t find clear documentation about how to manage this. This also would not provide for future style changes based on a class. It would effectively lock in the style however it was originally generated by Mammoth.

    2. Add class tags to the ol and/or li elements during the conversion process. Because each list item has a unique id and no class assigned at either the ol or li level, I don’t see a way to style them globally without manually adding classes. Is there a way to add class designations during the conversion process? Would that also be done by applying embedded style maps?

    My preferred option is number 2, if that’s possible to do, but I would need documentation on how to do that. If you have a better/simpler solution, please let me know!

    Just FYI, at least with the documents I’ve tested, the inline footnote references maintain the original superscript style of the Word document (via <sup></sup>), but the list of endnotes does not, instead just rendering a standard number/period format. Not sure if this is intentional or not, and again, applying a class to these items seems like a great way for me to control these design elements.

    Unfortunately I’m not able to include a link to the site at this time. Let me know if that is a problem.

    Thanks again for the great plugin!

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