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  • FD Footnotes is no longer going to be supported. And 5000+ users are looking for an alternative.

    Many of us have 100’s or 1000’s of footnotes using FD Footnotes format:

    Adding footnotes to a post is simple. Just type them inline in your post in square brackets like this:
    [1. This is a footnote.]
    Each footnote must have a number followed by a period and a space and then the actual footnote. They don’t have to be unique but it is recommended. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are since the footnotes will be automatically renumbered when the post is displayed.

    Is it possible for your Footnote plugin to utilize that format so that we do not need to go in and change all our footnotes??

    A zillion thank yous if it can (or if you can make it so it can) do that!!

    Ps. The FD Footnotes author, John Watson, is looking for some plugins to list as alternatives to his. You might want to contact him.

    Pps. Your PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING message above goes to a “Not Found” page.

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