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  • I’m brand new to this. We just had our website published and I began adding content via WordPress. When viewing our website:, everything appears fine in Google Chrome, however, in IE the footer is located under the left panel. I came across the site: which identified 61 errors. When I corrected these errors it fixed the problem with the footer, but made the tabs at the top of the page black with black text so that you can barely see them.

    Any ideas?

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  • in ff-latest and IE8, the tabs look really good
    don’t use google chrome

    well the errors need fixing, so fix them first – then look at the CSS for your tabs and adjust the font color.

    Sam – Does the footer correct from what you saw?

    Rich – I apologize for my novice, how would I change the CSS? I need the tabs to do 2 things: I need the active tab to be gray and the inactive tabs to be blue. (Exactly how they are now)

    I fixed the errors, now need to fix the tab issue.

    footer looks fine – tabs are messed up now

    Yeah, that’s the issue I’m running into. I correct the errors which fixes the footer, but changes the tab color to black.

    Look for this in your style.css for the theme:

    .art-menu a .t {
        color: #181B1B;

    and delete, or amend that color.

    I have spent the past 2 days looking and that code is not present. The closest thing to it is

    .art-menuhover .art-menuhoverA .t
    color: #EAF5FA;

    Is is a matter of simply adding that code or is it possible that it is hidden somehow?

    well it looks better now, did you fix it?

    No, I just put back the original code. Looks fine in everything but IE, where the footer is a major issue.

    I took the corrected code from the XHTML validator and ran it through a CSS validator here: and found 0 Errors but gave the following warnings:
    URI 676 – Same color for background-color in two context
    URI 692 – Same color for background-color in two context
    URI 1144 – Same color for background-color in two context

    I don’t know where to find these uri, could this be the issue?

    don’t worry about warnings, and I think they are supposed to be line numbers.

    >>Same color for background-color in two context

    This warns that text and its background color is the same; so it IS hidden

    I think I may finally have this figured out, does anybody know what the code would look like for the menu tab color?

    .art-menu a .t {
    color: #181B1B;


    This is the code for the color of text within the menu tab, but what would the color code look like for the tab itself?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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