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  • I was trying to install new event calendars onto a website I’m building, on the twentyten theme, but the two that I tried to active had crazy errors, which I believe were due to the fact that my server is not running the latest version of PHP.

    Anyway, I went in via FTP & removed the 2 plug-ins, and then my footer disappeared entirely – all four widgets. I validated the site, and still can’t find any major errors that would be causing this.

    Any help getting my footers back is GREATLY appreciated!!

    site is:

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  • Not sure why, but it appears line 1262 in your theme’s style.css file has a definition for the widgets display: none and it’s hiding one of the widgets. The other three appear to have disappeared as they aren’t even in the page code.

    Anyway, change that display: none to display: block and at least one of your widgets will appear. I don’t know if you’ve removed the others while trying to troubleshoot this.

    Hope that helps.

    Amazing – thank you! I don’t know how I missed that in my hunting through my CSS.

    Side question – is there an easy way to convert the 4-widget footer into a 3-widget footer? When I researched it, it seemed pretty complicated.

    I’m not sure how your theme outputs the widget code. If it’s hard coded to output four widgets in footer.php then you could probably just remove one of the widgets. If it’s not or you don’t want to get into the PHP files, you can also modify line 217 of style.css to select the #third div and then use the display attribute to hide it. (Not the best fix, but it’s quick and simple.)

    /* Hides the #third widget from view */
    #footer-widget-area #third {
        display: none;

    Then you would have to edit line 212 of the style.css file to say this:

    /* This expands the widgets to fill the space that was
    taken by the #third widget */
    #footer-widget-area .widget-area {
        float: left;
        width: 300px;

    This will hide the “third” <div> and leave the first, second and fourth divs visible. Right now your widgets are arranged this way, so be sure to leave things just like this if you change your widgets around since the theme will still show four widget positions in the admin area.

    I was working on a child theme of twenty ten and lost my footer widgets. I have no idea what happend, but they are still in dashboard.

    I’m a noob and had the idea to rename the four footer ones and put a copy of sidebar-footer.php in my child and started renaming all of the footer widgets in the code. I figured I could always revert backward and delete that file. We’ll I did. But have lost the widgets in view. They come up in other themes, just not this child. If someone can help me get them back into this child that would be great.

    I was putting the new names in my style.css. The whole idea was to style them independently. I see now that I didn’t need to rename them.

    Using dreamweaver and wondering if it did something odd when I saved a file or something? I took my customizations out of the css and deleted the sidebar-footer file and still no luck.

    Thanks for your help and time! I love these forums they really help a lot.


    I reloaded the twenty ten theme’s sidebar-footer file into the child and saved it in dreamweaver. it asks if I want to convert the links or something, and I said yes. Then the widgets all came back. I then deleted the sidebar-footer file and it’s calling from the parent theme now just fine.

    sorry about the false alarm! I hope this helps someone.


    The footer of our site had Graphics from the Scientific Cultural Facilities Districk, The Boulder County Arts Alliance, and The Scen3. Although the text is still there, the graphics have disappeared. I tried to check the code and everything appears to be okay. The url is Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kathleen Newton

    @kathleen – please start your own thread if you need help. It helps the forums work better and you’ll get help faster.

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