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  • Hi,
    i have this weird problem… my footer.php file keeps being “cleared”… look at, you will see that the site is kinda messed up… this is because the footer.php file has been edited somehow, and has no code in it now !? … this started on october 22 or october 23, i noticed that the site wasnt loading properly even tho i hadnt touch the files or even updated the site for months.. after playing around for a while i noticed that the footer.php file on my server was there but empty… so i uploaded my local copy of the footer.php file which was good and everything was fine, the site loaded correctly… Then the next day, same thing happenned… i re-uploaded my footer.php, it fixed the issue again, but now i have to do this like everyday because it keeps happening… i dont understand ! why is the footer.php file being modified !!

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  • Try a different, unedited theme. Your current theme is a mess. If this one gets mysteriously messed up too without you editing it, then you may have been hacked.

    why is the footer.php file being modified !!

    Because something is modifying it. Perhaps it’s your host. Perhaps you’ve been hacked. Perhaps your permissions are set wrong and allow it to be modified by somebody who keeps messing with you.

    We have no way to tell. WordPress doesn’t do this, so something else is.

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