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  • Please can you look at my draft website at:
    I changed the width of the main content area as I found it too wide for me.

    Notice that the footer widgets (they are text widgets) are spanning too wide – the ‘About Bramble Design & Build’ is too close to the left edge and the social icons are too far to the right.
    I have tried everything to fix this but had no luck 🙁
    I’ve looked in the style.css, footer.php, functions.php just about every file!
    What do I need to do?

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  • your site has html validation errors which might be the cause;

    does the same problem occur with the unedited parent theme activated?

    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    No it doesn’t have the problem then.. I could remove all the child theme files I have changed and re-add them one by one to see which one causes the problem maybe?
    Then if that doesn’t work I could check the link you provided 🙂

    Ok I’ve replaced the style.css file back to the theme’s default one and edited it.

    As soon as I edit this bit:
    #centered-wrapper {
    to this:
    #centered-wrapper {

    It get the right width displayed for the main content but the footer widgets go out of sync again (and the menu navigation men u too but I can fix that in one of the php files).

    I think I’ll just have to leave it at 1200 px wide – it looks strange this wide e.g. look at this page: it looks too spread out!

    Unless anyone else has an answer? I’ll try and work out how to fix all the validation errors in the meantime..

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    This theme is built to be responsive and has a specific structure in place, so changing the container widths will not work. For the widgets (widget groups like the footer area), these are coded to adjust in width based on how many widgets are published there. There are a total of 4 widget positions, so if you publish 2 there, both will be 50% in width each; if you publish 4, each will take up only 25%.

    If you only intend to have the two widgets published, perhaps consider doing just one text widget with both the “About Bramble Design & Build” content and the social icons in one? Center the content so they both center with the social icons below…similar to how the copyright and bottom menu are showing (centered).

    It’s ok, if I am unable to change the container width then the footer displays correctly.

    Thanks anyway – if my client likes it then I can purchase the full version. He might not like the container width though – it makes everything so spread out widthways on today’s wide screens! If he doesn’t like it then I’ll need to find a template with a narrower container option – I don;t really want to do this as it took a while too put this together!

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    One option is to put your widget content into a container and add styling to lessen the width for each container you insert around your content.

    Thank you for the suggestion. If I knew exactly what you mean and how to put widgets in containers and style each container I wouldn’t need to use a theme or templates.. 🙁
    I’m new to coding and just try things out by doing Google searches – I should really learn how to code CSS and develop in WP properly though!

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    It’s generally advisable to have the basics of HTML and CSS whenever one is creating a website (either for yourself, but especially for clients), whether WordPress or even an HTML website…here is a site to bookmark which is a good learning source:

    I have the basics html – I used to develop websites in html in notepad. I should perhaps go back to that and learn more CSS lol. But customers just don’t want to pay for the time it takes to develop sites from scratch.

    It still takes a while to find my way around someone else’s files though and in WordPress which is new to me.

    Thanks for the link – I used to use that all the time – most themes really don’t meet those standards though – even before I’ve tweaked them!

    Oh and the reason I use WordPress for some clients is because they want to be able to update it themselves in the future, have a blog and all for a very low price. I much prefer using Photoshop to create the layout and design then turning it into html. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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