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    Thanks for the great theme, I am enjoying learning about web customizing and your layout is making it easy.

    I am needing to do some modifications to the footer widget areas. I have three loaded up currently and they seem a little off-center. ie: more empty space on the right side than on the left side.

    Can you point to the code that I can past into my child theme style.css sheet that would allow me to 1) right justify the widget on the right, and 2) center justify the widget in the center? I think this would create more left/right balance on my page.


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  • Theme Author Anthony Hortin


    Hi Russ,

    If you’re only using three widget areas in the footer, these will get spaced out into three equal columns. If they look slightly unaligned, then it’s most likely due to the text content being left align and therefore leaving some space on the right side of the widget. If you want to change this, then you’ll need to add some styles specific to the widgets you’ve added to those sidebars.

    You could, for example, add some css that would target footer .widget-area but this would affect all the widgets in the footer. The actual widget that you add to each of those footer sidebars though will have it’s own class that you can target, for styling purposes. The best way to find out what that class is though is by using something like Firebeg (for Firefox) or Chrome Developer Tools (in Chrome). You’ll need to inspect the code and see what classes or ID’s the widget is using as it will depend on what you’ve added to your footer.

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