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  • Hi All, I have had a look around and haven’t been able to see this particular question answered here, sorry if I missed it somewhere. I have a custom footer, it contains a “footer image” and what I want is the powered by wordpress and copyright text to sit over the top of the footer image. However the first line “powered by wordpress” appears just above the footer image while the remaining text sits in the images as I want it. I’m slightly lost as to how I bring the powered by wordpress text down a line so it too sits in the footer image.

    Here is a the footer.php code

    <hr />
    <div id=”footer”>
    Powered by WordPress Copyright © 2008
    All Rights Reserved
    “>Entries (RSS)
    and “>Comments (RSS).

    Any help on this would be awesome! Please let me know if you need any information. Again sorry if I missed a resolution to this question posted already and thanks in advance.


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  • Hi All,
    Any ideas on this one?

    Thanks again

    Got it sorted. In case anyone who has the same problem stumbles upon this post the solution was; I created a style in the CSS file with a padding-top: 10px (or whatever amount of space you need) then applied this style to the footer.php code.

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