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  • My Footer template is refusing to behave the way I want. Notice how at towards the bottom of the page, my red “Become a Net Detective…” form has been shoved all the way to the right under the sidebar below the Ads by Google banner, and next to the third paragraph instead of centered at the bottom of the page immediately above “Be your own detective is proudly powered by WordPress” where it should be. It worked fine until I added my third post.

    It’s working exactly as it should at this example: but as soon as the content is filled up, it likely experience the same problem.

    I am using the Kubrick template.

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  • Look at this –

    You have at least one extra closing div tag, obviously this is the reason why your footer is not on the bottom of the page. You have messed up something there.

    I am counting all my <div and </div tags for each template file. header.php appears to be short one </div tag. It has 4 <div and 3 closing </div tags.

    I solved the problem of my “Become a Net detective…” form code. In footer.php, I needed to insert my code below <div id=”footer”> However I cannot figure out what’s causing the <div tag error at the validator site. Adding an extra closing </div tag to the bottom of header.php results in an additional error, so that didn’t work. It will likely take me many hours of my time to track down what’s exactly causing these errors, time that could be otherwise spent writing content and building my websites. At this point, hiring somebody to troubleshoot my coding errors for me might actually be more cost effective for me than attempting to fix them myself, freeing up my time that I really need to spend writing content. Maybe I can survive with these errors until then. The most important thing for me to consider is will fixing these coding errors help my bottom line? If not, then I would be better off putting my time into building content and learn to live with a less-than-perfect page.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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