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  • I’ve tried almost everything and am about to give up. My footer is taking forever to load at I used to have the 4th box for the footer and removed it, thinking that would help. Removed links that might have been old. Still taking forever. Any ideas?? Thanks.

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  • Hi,
    is about some plugin which
    a) removes the footer
    b) takes a lot of time to load don’t know what.

    If I open your page disabling javascript the footer loads fine.
    You should disable your plugins and then activate theme one by one to find the culprit

    I did disable them all and it still did it. Even ran a scan and found nothing. 🙁

    I see,
    anyway there’s some js which does that, if not in a plugin maybe something you wrote in a widget?
    Or something in the child-theme functions.php?

    I don’t believe I’ve added any js to any of those.

    When you disabled your plugins, have you also cleared your browser cache, or your server cache (if any?)

    This is your page without js:

    This with js active (loading):

    with the page taking forever to load.
    Also as you can see in the pages inspected, while loading, the whole footer block wasn’t printed at all …

    I did clear it all – that’s why I’m putting the question here. Can’t think of anything else to try. 🙁 I figure it’s something with the Customizr footer, but I can’t find any issues.

    Look satrntgr I can understand you may figure is something with the Customizr footer, but it it was so you should see any customizr site with this problem.
    Also the demo site.
    And as you can see it doesn’t.
    What’s that iframe before the footer? (you can see it in the page in the second image above). Which plugin (code) puts that there?
    That could slow the loading…

    I don’t have an iframe above the footer – only blog posts.

    But it’s there.
    I gave you the image of inspected page.
    You can use google-chrome inspect element, or firebug (firefox’s extension) to inspect your page, and you’ll see it.

    I see it, but it’s not anything I added.

    I see,
    but since Customizr doesn’t do anything like that, and you haven’t put any code in your child-theme functions.php to do that, and I assume you haven’t changed any other theme file..
    ..and it still happens with plugins disabled, what is left?.. hacked website?

    Anyway I just went on your page, the iframe is still there, but the footer loads fine now..

    I guess it’s something to do with G+. Not sure if that’s right or not. I was told to input iframe[id^=”oauth2relay”] { left: auto !important; right: -100px !important; } into my html, so hopefully that will fix it.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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