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    I’m using the out the box twentytwelve template on

    I have removed widgets from the sidebar, as I really like the full width on the page.

    However, that means that useful things like recent posts / categories etc. are missing.

    I like the way that when I had the widgets showing, they would drop to the bottom of the page when the page width hit the relevant width.

    I wondered – is it possible to have the widget sections appear at the bottom of the page all of the time, even when the page is viewed on e.g. a desktop PC / mac screen?

    I’d really like to get that working, so that I can keep the nice full width of the posts, but then have the recent posts / categories down at the bottom of the page – e.g. in a footer?

    I see there is no footer content area on the edit widgets part of the theme settings, so I am probably not going to be able to do it without some major hacking.

    Any advice much appreciated.

    Thanks very much

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  • You need to do 2 things

    1. Make a child theme
    2. Add footer widgets

    Google this “twenty twelve footer widgets”, some people already written the whole tutorials about it, some even have the child theme ready for you.



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    Yes, definitely do not modify theme files directly – use a child theme for that kind of changes.

    Here is how I added a footer with three widget areas to my own Twenty Twelve Child Theme:

    And if you wish, I would gladly make a Child Theme for you (no charge, of course) with those already there.

    Thanks to all for your help – in the end I went with the one lessjosepho recommended:

    Brilliant – just what I was looking for.


    Yes, that guy did a nice job putting that together.

    Here are some adjustments I have made so the left and center widget areas are the same size with plenty of room and yet stay out from under the Sidebar area:

    #footerwidgets {
    #footerwidgets p {
    	padding-bottom: .5em;
    #footerwidgets li, #footerwidgets p  {
    	padding-bottom: .5em;
    #footer-left {
    #footer-middle {
    #footer-right {

    You can use any percentages you wish there as long as they all (including padding) add up to 100%, and you might try something like 30/40/30 since you are not showing a Sidebar.

    Hi, I have a problem of adding more than one widget to the widget areas. It seems there is a maximum length that can be accepted. So if I add more than one widget in each section it jumps over to the next column e.g.

    WidgetCol1 WidgetCol2 WidgetCol3

    Name Social Media Icons Newsletter Subscribe
    Adress ***I Want Posts Here***

    So if I then add the ‘Latest posts’ widget with 6 news stories into WidgetCol2 it will actually end up underneath WidgetCol1 area – not staying in Col2?
    It seems their is a maximum lenght of lines ,then widget breaks and I cant control the column it is supposed to be in?

    PS CSS novice

    Oh dear, my graphic didnt work sorry – hope you get the idea.

    Col1 Col2 Col3 are the widgetised areas across the page

    Col1 contains Text Box
    Col2 contains Newsletter Subscription + Social Media Icons
    Col3 contains Email Information

    I want to add LatestPosts under column 2 as well, but adding the posts widget under column 2 breaks it and it appears under Col1

    Looks like he changed his permalink structure without setting up redirects.

    Here is an updated link to his blog post:

    (and thank you for sharing here!)

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