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  • is the site I am working on. I am new to the theme coding thing, so go easy on me I’m still learning 🙂

    Anyways – if you view the site in Firefox, it looks as it should. The problem I’m having in IE is that the graphic I am using in the footer file (graphic w/ curved edges) is being cut off. Also, in Firefox the green expands really far down when it should just stop where the sidebar ends and just expand down the page as I add more entries to my blog – it should do the same in IE also.

    I’m not sure how to fix this problem, I finally got the footer coding in the CSS fixed to where everything lined up and such 🙂 Help would be appreciated!

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  • Looks like your footer div is in the body, needs to be in wrapper…

    Just an FYI – right now, the image with the rounded corners is at the bottom left of my screen in FF on a 17″ monitor, 1024 resolution, on a PC

    It also looks like that the post at the bottom has a huge amount of lighter green space before the comments links appear…

    In IE on this same settings, I’m not seeing your “background” extending down at all – it stops after the top 1/4th of your “about” on the sidebar.

    Did you start with another theme and modify it, or did you start this from scratch?

    One suggestion might be to take a peek at these validation errors – quite often you’ll find that you’re missing a closing tag somewhere or something like that:

    I started from scratch and since this is my first theme or at least coding my own design to work w/ WordPress there are lots of errors etc as I am learning to do this 🙂

    I know there is a problem w/ the background not extending down in IE as it does w/ FF, and I have quite figured out how to fix this =/

    I’ll go through the vaildation and see if that has anything to do with the problems I am having and also see if maybe I have the footer in the wrong spot?

    I went through the validation and got everything fixed up except two errors that I’m not sure how to fix;

    Does this mean I don’t have a <div> tag closed somewhere, or I do but its in the wrong place? I went through it all and I believe I have everything closed as it should be etc.

    Also, does the footer show up correctly in Firefox now? I still can’t seem to get it to show up correctly in IE and to have it extend down the page 🙁

    According to the validator – you’re missing two closing div tags, which should go right above the </body> tag in your footer:


    I bet that’ll fix up your footer problems! 🙂

    it ended up looking like:

    <div id=”footer”>


    Which got rid of the errors I was having and made everything validate, I just don’t understand why I had to put two extra </div> ? lol

    because you were missing them… lol

    the content div and the wrap div needed to be closed. 🙂

    *smacks the double post faerie*

    Well I figured as much, haha…I just thought I had already closed them! 🙂 Either way, thanks so much for the help – now to get the footer to work right in IE 🙁 I don’t suppose you’d have any ideas on that would ya?

    That’s one of the biggest problems I’ve had… I’d have to spend some time looking at your code – when I get a chance, I will… unless of course someone else gets to it before I do 🙂

    Since you were having problems with <div> tags, I think you might still not have them quite right. It looks like your sidebar isn’t in your <div id=content>. This is fine, but it seems that your background image might be. Therefore, the background image ends with the content tag and your sidebar keeps going.

    I would have put the sidebar and the posts in the content tag. Sidebar first and float it left. Then put the posts in a container such as articles or something and float this right. Then add the footer (still in the content class) and make sure it clears both left and right content.

    I know this is a bit confusing, so good luck! Your site is really looking good!

    I have absolutely no idea what you just said 😡 but I’ll look @ it and see if I can figure it out, I think I kinda understand what you’re trying to explain. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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