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    My footer is properly positioned on all pages except on the blog page which i realize is a unique page but not sure if i need to direct it to a different template or what. Some of the content of the footer is at the bottom but the 1 px repeat-x gradient and the menu are floating across the blog posts.
    Thanks for any suggestions,

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  • Was your blog by any chance installed in a different WordPress installation?

    On the blog page I see that there is a margin-bottom attribute for the gray bar of the footer. Though it’s only 10px. But because on the other pages there isn’t the margin-bottom attribute being called in the style.css file, I am wondering if it is calling a different style.css file in a separate wordpress installation.

    Something that you can try is to edit the style.css file where it says
    footer {
    and add

    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0;

    Let us know how it goes!

    Actually i did create most of the pages while taking a web design class last fall and then have continued to work on the site intermittently since then. When i began to work on it from home i just logged in to my wp-admin page and continued my work. I don’t recall that i installed WP a 2nd time.

    I noticed that i have 2 blog pages listed in the Pages section:
    – this one:
    – and this one:
    The first one seems to have the footer positioned properly (once i resolve the excerpt lengths in the sidebar)
    The second one is where i’m seeing all the blog posts showing up and also is the one linked to the Blog link in the nav bar – but has the footer issue.
    Maybe i need to delete the “blog” page and rename the “test-blog” page to “blog”?
    Thanks for any insight you have!

    Yes, I would copy the content you currently have on the “blog” page and paste it into “test-blog” and then rename “test-blog” to “blog”. That should resolve the issue. Otherwise, I’m not sure without seeing the files.

    Actually there was no content on either of the blog pages. I think WP is causing the blog posts to come in automatically on the “blog” page and not on the “test-blog” page. So i deleted the “test-blog” page because at least the posts are appearing properly on the blog page. Now i just need to resolve why on that one page the footer is not properly positioned. I appreciate your input. If you think viewing some of the files could help find the answer, just let me know which files you’d like to see.
    Thanks again…

    Sorry – i missed your advice in your first reply. I did as you said and changed the bottom margin to 0 and added position absolute. This didn’t adversely affect any of the other pages but it DID re-position the footer content to be inside rather than outside the gray bar as it was before. However not sure that on that one page i can use absolute position because now the gray footer bar is forced to be in exactly the same position as it is on the other pages (which is why it’s overlapping the posts) and the blog page with multiple posts will become longer so the footer has to be pushed down as the page grows.

    Maybe i’ll just eliminate the footer on that page – if i can.
    Any other suggestions are so appreciated.

    I can’t quite follow what you say is happening. I would play around with the CSS more. It will look best if your footer is consistent across the site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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