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    using “benevolence” theme.

    once i had enough posts to need a second page, the footer started to move! on the first page, there’s a “previous” link (for older content). below that the main white background box is supposed to end, and the copyright footer is supposed to be centered. instead it’s white down to the bottom and the footer is pushed to the right. it’s actually centered under the “previous” link.

    on the second page (if you click through that “previous” link), there’s a link for “newer” posts (that takes you back to the first page). again the footer is centered under it, not under the whole page, so it’s now pushed off to the left. at least this time the white box ends where it’s supposed to.

    i’ve played with it a bit but can’t find the problem. help!

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  • Hey, I’ve identified that problem, although I don’t know why it happens, I do have a workaround.

    I’m guessing you copied and pasted something into the “visual rich” editor. If you did that, it will make the post section of the page whatever size the pasted material was… not helpful.

    If you want to copy and paste anything into a post, you’ll have to do it in the non visual-rich editor…

    um. not sure what a “visual rich” editor is. maybe this was posted on the wrong thread?

    the problem only started when i had more than 10 posts on the blog. that meant they didn’t all fit on the front page. so there was a second page. you can click between pages using the “next” and “previous” links at the bottom of the page.

    now my footer is pushed either to the right or left, depending on which page (1st or 2nd) i’m on. and on the 1st page of 10 posts, the white background column that the main text is displayed on doesn’t end at the bottom where it’s supposed to.

    the footer’s text is white, because it’s supposed to be displayed on a dark background. you can see how it’s supposed to look (but still off-center) on the 2nd page, with the “previous” posts.

    aha! that’s better

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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