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  • Hi all,

    I could really do with some help in working out why my footer wont move in relation to my page.

    I’m using a custom theme which I made using artisteer, which is fine but I want each page to be made up of my own html because of the way it needs to be formatted. If I enter content using the visual editor it works fine and the footer extends as it should to the bottom of the page depending on how much content there is. But when I enter my own html/css using the ‘html’ editor tab the footer gets lost behind the content. Its as if it doesnt realise there is any content in there

    Do i need to contain it all in a particular div class or something.

    I am self taught so there is probably something i should pick up on that i’ve missed.

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  • Can anybody tell me whether can I remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” or not in my blog at the footer. As I mnew to wp , so help me out.

    Go into: Appearance > Editor

    Click on the ‘Footer’ template on the right hand side

    In the main window you will see a load of code,

    just select and delete the following:

    [Mangled markup removed.Please post code or markup snippets between backticks or use the code button.]

    click ‘update’ and that should have removed it.



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