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    I would like to add some things in the footer like all rights reserved, a link to disclaimer etc. How can I do this?
    I removed the site title because of the logo, and for some reason since then the top line of the footer stops half way. Anyone have suggestions to fix that?

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  • Work with Child Theme to avoid loosing your changes and move the footer.php into the Child Theme. You can add/change/delete the coding there to gain what you desire. Using the Child Theme will preserve your work. You can look up creating a child theme.
    Hope this helps,

    Hi gk, I made copies of all the pages en stylesheets, so I can change it quickly. Is it really necessary to create a child theme? If I understand you well I can make changes to the footer.php but I am not a programmer, and have no clue about php coding. It really confuses me a lot.

    Nope, it is not absolutely necessary to use a child theme. You can also change the code in Dashboard >> Appearance >> Editor >> Select the footer.php file on the left.

    If you do not choose to use a child theme or this editor you will need edit the footer.php in the theme folder each time there is an update.

    You also might look into Firebug (for Firefox) and play with that to get what you need before you change any coding. This will give you a better idea of what will happen with the changes before you make a permanent code change.



    Montezuma is different from most themes in that it uses virtual CSS and template files, which are saved in a database, so changes will not be lost. There is no need to create a child theme.

    Zaralene, go to your virutal footer.php file (Appearance > Montezuma Options > Sub Templates > footer.php) and add the col12 class to the footer-bg DIV.

    Change this:

    <div id="footer-bg">

    To this:

    <div id="footer-bg" class="col12">

    You can add whatever information that you need in this footer.php virtual file.

    Yes exactly, you can always reset to the actual templates. This is why I made copies from the stylesheets/templates that I changed to my likings and keep that in a folder on my pc, so I can always go back to that and not to the actual Montezuma colors and stuff. It would take me ages to change it all back to what I want, so this is a good option.

    About the Footer: I did what you adviced CrouchingBruin, and made a widget with that tip you gave me from the other question I asked (about social media). I added <?php dynamic_sidebar( ‘Widget Area FOOTER’ ); ?>
    into the footer.php and yay, that works! I am excited, it’s magic haha. And then I added a text widget to it and put some lines in it et voila, it appeared exactly how I want it to be. So that’s awesome. Thanks a bunch (also to gk)!
    You can see it here:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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