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    My comment box drops down when a reader wants to submit a comment. However, sometimes my footer menus overlap the drop down tab and submit button. Is there a way to add more padding to the top of my footer menus so they don’t overlap my comment button?

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  • CrouchingBruin


    I see you have Jetpack’s Custom CSS turned on. Can you please try adding this rule:

    #site-content .col-md-8,
    #site-content .col-md-4 {
      height: auto !important;

    The problem is that the theme has some javascript which tries to set the height of the content area and sidebar so that they are the same. What it doesn’t take into account are situations like yours, where the height can change dynamically because of a plugin.





    Thank you so much! That worked wonders!



    @markwaregr, I would avoid making changes to the theme files, only because you’re going to have to remember to make the same change every time the theme gets updated. Better for the theme author, IMO, to do away with the code in a future release and use a CSS solution, like flexbox, to make the columns the same height. Could add a display: flex to the containing row div, for example.

    @crouchingbruin, you’re the man! Adding the height: auto solved it for me too. Thanks so much.

    I have added the height:auto yet my side bar keeps appearing below the footer, please help.

    @piloski, did you make a change to any of the theme’s files, like single.php?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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