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  • My footer is taking a long time to load. Upwards of a minute or more. This is a recent development (in the last couple of weeks).

    I have tried re-installing my theme, and changing themes, with no effect.

    I moved all my widgets to the sidebar, and they load just fine, but the footer still doesn’t.

    I have also tried de-activating all of my plugins and still nothing.

    Any thing I can try to get it to load correctly, or any ideas why it’s not working?

    See it here:

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • Hi,
    You have that constantly updating Twitter feed. The data is coming from another source, and doesn’t show up just once, but goes on forever. So that’s an obvious bottleneck.

    Not only that, the script that’s running it is also hosted elsewhere, on a different Twitter server. So if there’s any delay on those ends, your speed is automatically borked, with no way for you to control it.

    Frankly, I would be very surprised if you didn’t have slow loading. If Twitter slows down, so do you. And it frequently does.

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