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    I installed the contact form 7 plugin ( and i went into my site footer to add some code to get the plugin working. basically i must have done something because my footer is messed up now. i tried undoing what i did and uninstalling the plugin in, but that didnt fix it.

    this is what it looks like now: currentdose

    this is a cached image off (google already has the screwed up cached footer): cached site

    if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it. thanks

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  • Looks like you may have inadvertently knocked some markup out of one of the files you were editing. You currently have an end </div> with no matching opening <div> – which suggests that the opening <div> has been removed. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no way of figuring out where that might have been.

    thanks esmi …well is there anyway i could figure it out. the only way this could happen is if i changed something in my footer, page or stylecss right?

    so do i just have to go through and check every line?

    Actually footer.php looks like it might be OK – although I don’t know exactly what should be in your footer. So you could start with style.css. I popped back to have another look to see if I could pin it down further but it seems you’ve removed the original footer for the time being

    yeah sorry i removed it. i just put it back though so if you get time and want to take another look that’d be awesome.
    thanks again

    Still having problems sorting it out but try adding </div> just before <div class="span-24 footer"> in footer.php.

    so this is what my footer.php looks like right now

    <div class=”span-24 footer”>
    <p class=”fr”>contact</p>
    <p class=”fl”></p>
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    i tired that out and nothing happened, but i must be understanding your wrong cause i’ve never seen a close div before a open div?


    <div class="span-24 footer">
    <p class="fr">contact</p>
    <p class="fl"></p>
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    I suspect that the closing </div> for the sidebar should be immediately before the footer markup and it’s been inadvertently removed. I think that could be what’s caused the footer to misbehave but won’t know for sure until you try it.

    okay i see what you’re saying now. i’m missing the end div tag for the sidebar. k so i made that change in my footer.php and it looks that same still to me.

    should i actually be making a change to my sidebar instead? if you think that’s the one missing the end tag.

    thanks again

    It shouldn’t matter if get_sidebar() is immediately followed by get_footer() but you right in that it would be better to keep the various markup blocks together.

    Right now, I’m stumped by this one. Something is forcing that footer right over to the left but I’ve been right through the CSS and I can’t find the cause.

    alright well hey thanks again for trying to figure it out. that was really cool of you! if you think of anything let me know… but yeah strangest thing. ha just wish i knew what i did : ).

    Could you grab another copy of the Fancy theme and try comparing a fresh copy of footer.php to your copy? Or have you customised the theme so much that this isn’t really practical?

    hmm i just tried reverting back to the original one. it still has the same problem where the footer is not aligned in the center. before i went back to the original footer.php i compared the two and it looked like i really hadnt changed much besides where it was linking to. what a pain.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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