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  • hi,

    since im using wordpress twenty ten theme with 2 columns, I decided to take 4 buttons which I wanted to span the entire page and put them in my footer:

    several questions
    1) somehow they lost their sharpness in the footer area. they were much clearer in the body of the website…is there a way to fix that?

    2) somehow when I inserted the buttons into the footer.php file (in my child theme), it turned my address line in to hypertext…how do I remove that?

    3) how do I change the color of the black line above my footer?


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  • 3)
    border-top: 4px solid #000000;

    please provide more info, screen shots would be helpfull or even putting them in both places so we can see what you mean,



    1) I just reinserted the same buttons into the homepage…see how they look much more crisp?

    2)when I remove the 4 buttons from the footer, then the line of the address in the footer is no longer hypertext…as im really new to css I cant say for sure what I did wrong.


    in the body of the site, you are calling the image with a width of 233
    on the footer, you are calling the image with a width of 230
    the width of the image is 233, that may be the issue

    i think you dident close a link tag “<a>“, and the address is being linked due to the contact me image link

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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