footer disappears after sidebar content loads in IE -- a call placement problem? (1 post)

  1. greeenkaos
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    In Internet Explorer, the footer appears to be missing What I've noticed:
    if I scroll to the bottom and hit refresh, the footer appears -though it cuts off some sidebar content. If I then scroll up and back down, the footer is gone again.

    I'm thinking the problem hs to do with waiting on one or more elements to load.

    First attempts at fixing:
    If I move <?php get_sidebar(); ?> and <?php get_footer(); ?> to the top, the footer appears correctly, but the main content disappears and the 'sorry, no posts matched' message appears down where the footer should be.

    If I move just <?php get_sidebar(); ?> to the top, the footer appears correctly, and I get the same 'sorry, no posts matched' message appearing where the content should.

    I understand that the footer display problem is a call / loading problem, but I'm lost as to how to compensate for it. Of course it works fine in FF, NS, etc.

    I'd be ever so grateful for some words of advice on this issue. Thanks in advance! :)

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