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    I just updated the main theme I have have 02 problems about the footer disappeared and sidebar widgets overlapped after updating but it looks well in the Preview Mode.

    I have a child theme with 03 files including “functions.php; footer.php and header.php” and I see that you made some changes from ‘tc_ to czr_’ but I cannot get this done.

    Do I have to recreate a new Child theme and redo all widgets and footer?

    Thank you!

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  • Hello @doan-quang,
    as stated here, since Customizr v3.4.30, all the classes prefixes have been changed from TC_ to CZR_ as well as all the method/function prefixes changed from tc_ to czr_fn_.
    Action and filter hooks have not been impacted by this prefixes change.

    – Template changes in the child-theme
    Say you had copied the parent files header.php and footer.php in your child theme tree.
    Looking at those files the only impacted lines are:

    (footer) <footer id="footer" class="<?php echo tc__f('tc_footer_classes', '') ?>">
    [No impact on the header.php template.]

    So the only change to apply to that file consists in replacing tc__f with czr_fn__f (as stated in the release note above).
    That line, hence, becomes:
    <footer id="footer" class="<?php echo czr_fn__f('tc_footer_classes', '') ?>">
    (n.b. tc_footer_classes is a filter hook name)

    Another important change regards the files organization: all the front related part files (previously in inc/parts) have been compacted
    in one file you can find in inc/czr-front.php (similarly for the admin files).
    This means that if you used to override one of those files in your child-theme, now, to achieve the same goal you have to copy the whole inc/czr-front.php file in your child-theme (respecting the tree structure) and change just the class(method) you’re interested to.

    – Parts changes in the child-theme
    Say you had copied the parent file inc/parts/class-footer-footer_main.php in your child theme.
    This file will not be loaded anymore. As said above, now, you should copy the whole inc/czr-front.php in your child-theme then:

    a) search for the class CZR_footer_main and re-apply the changes you previously did.
    (in alternative)
    b) in your child-theme inc/parts/class-footer-footer_main.php replace all the occurrences of class names prefixes TC_ with CZR_, and function/method prefixes tc_ with czr_ , then copy the content of this file (so the whole class) in the child-theme inc/czr-front.php replacing the CZR_footer_main class therein.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards

    Thank you!

    Hi d4z_c0nf,
    I had the same issues…so

    I did change all the TC_ in CZR_ and all the TC_ in czr_ in my inc/parts/class-footer-footer_main.php (child), so far so good I think.

    But “… replacing the CZR_footer_main class”. That means I copy the whole changed content of the (child) file inc/parts/class-footer-footer_main.php into that part CZR_footer_main class in my (copied to child) inc/czr-front.php?
    But at which line ends that footer_main part??
    Is that at line 9498, just before
    //All footer hooks setup

    or is it at line 9504 just before


    or something else?

    And after that do I have to remove the old (child) inc/parts/class-footer-footer_main.php document?

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    OK, please skip my earlier post above…

    I set up a completely new child theme now.
    But in my (child) functions.php those changes don’t work:

    • front navigation with numbers
    • move_single_post_metas (to after article)

    Thanks again!
    cheers 😉

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by Anna-Karina.
    • navigation is an other plugin (WP pagenavi)
    • move single post meta had to change also TC stuff

    so RESOLVED!
    Thanks anyway…

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