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  • I tried to add a facebook like code to the body of the footer.php. IT ended up getting rid of all of my footer one and bottom footer , subscription buttons, etc..
    I erased the code and the footers are still not there. Please help. This disaster happened through the help of a bluehost rep and he went on break and left me hanging.

    this is what my footer.php looks like

       $type = yiw_get_option( 'footer_type', 'normal' );
                        if( strpos($type, "big") !== false )
                    <!-- START FOOTER -->
                     <?php <div id="copyright" class="group">
                        <div class="inner group">
                            <?php if( $type == 'normal' || $type == 'big-normal' ) : ?>
                            <div class="left">
                                <?php yiw_convertTags( yiw_addp( stripslashes( __( yiw_get_option( 'copyright_text_left', 'Copyright <a href="%site_url%"><strong>%name_site%</strong></a> 2010' ), 'yiw' ) ) ) ) ?>
                            <div class="right">
                                <?php yiw_convertTags(yiw_addp( stripslashes( __( yiw_get_option( 'copyright_text_right', 'Powered by <a href=""><strong>Your Inspiration Web</strong></a>' ), 'yiw' )  ) ) ) ?>
                            <?php elseif( $type == 'centered' || $type == 'big-centered' ) : ?>
                            <div class="center">
                                <?php yiw_convertTags( yiw_addp( stripslashes( __( yiw_get_option( 'footer_text_centered' ), 'yiw' ) ) ) ) ?>
                        <?php endif ?>
                    <!-- END FOOTER -->
                <!-- END WRAPPER -->
            <!-- END SHADOW WRAPPER -->     
        <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    [please mark any posted code according to forum guidelines – as it is, the above code is already corrupted by the forum parser]

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  • Try adding this after the first </div> break

    As to getting the footer back to where it was, If this was a theme that you purchased recopy the footer PHP code into the WordPress Editor screen in the Admin panel.

    You are so nice, thanks for responding. It is a bought theme. Do I go into themes and get the footer.php code? And if so, where do i find it on that page?



    you are the best i found the footer and i copied it. thanks so much. it worked.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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