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  • Hi guys!
    I would like to edit the footer credits.
    Simply using the argument display:none in CSS extras it is not what i would like to achieve.
    I managed to edit the proudly powered by wordpress but can’t delete that central symbol and the theme part.
    Any suggestions?
    Any custom CSS i can use?
    Cheers from Italy!

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  • How did you edit the ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’ text? Did you modify the actual php file? If so, that same file (/components/footer/site-info.php) contains the symbol and ‘Theme by Automattic’ text as well.

    However, if you did edit this file, you should be using a child theme ( in order to ensure that any updates to the theme itself will not overwrite any customization that you perform.

    No i didn’t change the footer file but added a custom css code in the modify section. Can i do the same for the other part of the credits? Personally i never touch the original css and also i can’t on my website… probably is disabled!

    Without being able to see the site and the CSS that you implemented it is difficult to say. Are you able to at least provide the CSS code you implemented here so I can investigate further?

    I used the css code

    .site-info a {
    display: none;

    This in the section where i can add a css code, just under the theme options.


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    Ok, looking at the code without creating a child theme you aren’t going to be able to modify it to your liking to change what all of the text says.

    If you want to hide the symbol, you can use this

    .site-info a, .site-info .sep {
         display: none;

    Which leaves you with the text ‘Theme: Affinity by .’, the words Theme and by are hardcoded into the file so you can’t change those through translation. You would just have to use the following CSS to hide all of the content

    .site-info {
         display: none;

    You could then use a Custom HTML widget in one of the Footer sections in order to get your custom code displaying down in the ‘footer’ area.

    Take a look at the website

    I used the

    .site-info {
    display: none;

    But it simply deletes all the footer credit.
    I added a widget a custom html widget at the bottom to display my personal credits but the effect is different…

    So no solution?

    Here’s what I see in the site footer. The CSS appears to have worked.

    Thank you for the footer credits tips.
    The only way to hide it was to use the display: none option.

    What about the sticky menu?
    On desktop, when i scoll down i see this dark grey bar.
    Is it possible to hide it using CSS code?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hi –

    Do you see the same “gray bar” when looking at the theme demo?

    Please share your own site URL so I can look closer.

    Yes, same as the demo.
    Here my website

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    I _think_ this is what you’re asking about. If not, please send along a screen shot of the bar.

    When I scroll down on the site I see a thin black bar across the top of the page. This will eliminate that bar.

    .header-wrapper {
    display: none;

    It worked!

    @lizkarkoski thanks a lot!!

    Affinity is a nice little theme, unfortunately hard to customize.


    Fantastic 🙂 Thanks for letting me know. Happy Friday.

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