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    Hi all,
    I am a complete newbie to WP. I used to code websites when I was in secondary school and even that was super-basic, so please excuse me being slow.

    So have recently set up my business and wanted to play a bit with making my own website. Very simple one for the time being.

    Anyway, I am using 2021 theme and I am not getting a few bits.

    1) I am trying to set up my footer. I read that Options is a good plugin so I did install it.
    I navigated to Widgets section and set up how I want my footer to look like – layout, text size, menus. But then, when I go to Customize->Widgets->Footer, it’s blank and I need to set it up separately there. Which is fine as a process, but I seem to be unable to format the text size from there.

    2) When I use the additional customizations provided by Options, I struggle with the very bottom of the footer. I use Hide Site Name. Save the draft. But then when I reload it, everything is gone. But i want the border line there, for example. Am I doing something wrong?

    3) I would like a copyright line where the Site name lives in the footer. Is it possible?

    4) I need to put an info about my company registration as a smallprint somewhere and I thought the best location would be somewhere where the copyright note should be. As in 3) – how do I do that? Customization in a child theme’s code?

    5) In the header, for change, I want to have the logo on the left and my primary menu on the right. I think I set it up this way three times already and it always comes back to everything being on the left. Any clues?

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  • Hello,

    1) When editing the widget blocks in the Customizer, if you click the three little dots and then “Show more settings”, most blocks will have a Typography settings section that will let you change font size.

    2) We cannot replicate the issue you describe whereby hiding the site name then saving as a draft then reloading the customizer “everything is gone” … please explain what exactly is “gone”. Please also note that if you save your customizations as a draft the changes will not be shown on the live site until you click the little cog next to “Save Draft” and select “Publish” then click “Publish”.

    3) To change the site name text, you can use the “Customizer – Footer Options – Replace Site Title / Logo” option.

    4) See (3) or perhaps use “Customizer – Widgets – Footer” and add some content there.

    5) Please provide a link to your site so we can see what’s going on. The default setting is for logo to be on the left and primary menu on the right.


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    Hi Oliver and thank you for coming back to me. There is everything in front of my eyes and I have the nature of the problem in my head but I must have communicated it not clear enough. Let me try again.

    1) I tried that, but there is no text size. For example, in Contact Info widget, I tried the individual blocks and there was no text size option. It only explains what that particular block does and shows Additional CSS window in Advanced.
    In this place, can you concisely explain to me the purpose of the Widgets section in Appearance? It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the actual widgets in the Customizer. Initially, I set up the Footer there, but this had no effect on what is showing in the preview nor on the footer widget in the Customizer.

    2) By default, there is a Footer Border Top, Site name and the Powered by reference in the footer. I tick Hide Site Name (as I didn’t want either logo or the Site Name as such there) and Hide Powered by WordPress, but I have Hide Site Info unticked, as I am happy with the border line. When I save Draft and reload the preview or navigate (within it) to another page, the border line is missing (as well as logo and powered by, hence I said everything is gone).
    It seems that when I tick and untick Hide Site Info box, the border comes back (until next time).

    3) & 4) Yes, of course, I could change the content of the Site Name box, but if I want the site title displayed in the header, then it will display the copyright info or my registration details.

    5) It looks like it’s the same issue as in 2). I have Logo Below Nav unticked, but when I navigate to another page, the menu moves to the left and the logo goes underneath (Logo Below Nav is still unticked). I haven’t published the site yet as I keep struggling with setting up the basics.

    I hope this is more helpful now.

    Perhaps I just need to choose a different theme. One that has the layout that I imagined was suitable for me rather than trying to reinvent the wheel with this one. I thought that 2021 would have all lessons learned from the previous ones. I was surprised to discover that there are no options for the copyright line. Isn’t that some kind of standard?

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    1) Yes, you could choose a different theme but no matter what theme you choose, block options are the same. If there’s no block option to change the font size of a particular block that you want to change, let me know what it is with a link to the page and I’ll give you some CSS to get that done. Widgets under “Dashboard – Appearance” is a duplicate of widgets in “Customizer – Widgets”. It’s another location to do the same thing.

    2) We’ve tested this and the border remains for us so we cannot replicate this issue. We would need to see your site in order to inspect what’s going on here.

    3/4) You misunderstand. We are not asking you to change the setting of “Customizer – Site Identity – Site Title” but instead use “Customizer – Footer Options – Replace Site Title / Logo” which replaces the content in the footer only.

    5) It sounds like you have a caching issue or you are not publishing the changes you are making in the customizer (they won’t be shown on the front end until you publish them). Otherwise we’d need to see your site to see what’s going on here.


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    Thanks for your help, Oliver. It gives me a better view of where my issues may come from.

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