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  • I’ve only noticed this problem since I upgraded to WP 3.5.

    The footer links aren’t part of the template any more. They show beneath it.

    The templates have all been reinstalled but the issue remains.

    My blog is

    I have six other WP blogs, yet this is the only one with this problem.

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  • You probably have an unclosed div. Possibly on one of your widgets.

    Looks like @ronangelo is correct — look at the errors for stray, open, missing tags:

    You may want to address some of the other errors as well.

    @ronangelo, I just checked my widgets and each of them appear to have an unclosed div. Perhaps there’s one (or more) missing elsewhere as you and WPyogi suggest, so I’ll go through the link and see what I need to correct.

    Thanks to you both for your replies.

    Start at the bottom of the validator results 🙂 – there are some likely looking tag errors there.

    You can also temporarily drag all the widgets in the Inactive Widgets Area then add them one by one while checking the site to see which one produces the error.

    Sorry, I wrote in my previous reply “I just checked my widgets and each of them appear to have an unclosed div.”

    I should have written “I just checked my widgets and each of them appear to have a closed div.”

    I have done as suggested and moved each widget across to ‘inactive’ and finally discovered which was causing the problem. It’s the bottom one, but, it seems fine, though it does have a long complicated looking code.

    When I cross-checked with it showed the following against that widget:

    Error Line 409, Column 124: An img element must have an alt attribute, except under certain conditions. For details, consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images.

    …://’><img src=’’ />

    It indicated that the > was missing from png’ />, but, as you can see below from my actual code, it isn’t missing.

    <img src=’’ /> <div class=’tamco_code_holder’>

    So, still not a lot further on, apart from the fact I’ve now identified the widget that’s causing the trouble.

    The problem looks like an extra closing div and extraneous ul and li tags near the bottom of the page:

    <p> <script type='text/javascript'> var tamco_code_slider=new accordion.slider("tamco_code_slider"); tamco_code_slider.init("tamco_code_slider",0,"open"); </script> </p>
    </li>			</ul>
    </div><!-- #primary .widget-area -->

    Below the p closing tag and above the last line.

    If you use Firefox and View Source — these divs show up in red and are on line 425 and 426


    This is a copy and paste of what is actually showing in that widget box.

    <script type=’text/javascript’> var tamco_code_slider=new accordion.slider(“tamco_code_slider”); tamco_code_slider.init(“tamco_code_slider”,0,”open”); </script>

    None of these are there – </p>

    </div><!– #primary .widget-area –>

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Look at the template where you’re calling the widget.

    Ah, now I see it on lines 405, 406 in View Page Source. Now the question is how do I remove those, since they aren’t in the widget box?

    In other words, where do I access that code?

    You’ll have to look for how and where they were added — it can be from content, plug-ins, or the page template. Looks like the javascript there might be in the wrong place?

    I think this is going to be a ‘needle in a haystack’ scenario. With the amount of pages and plug-ins I have on that blog this could take forever to track down.

    Unfortunately I think I might have to admit defeat on this problem.

    You said the problem was solved when you removed one of the widgets. It’s very likely that the code in the widget is the culprit. Could you post the code here or on pastebin perhaps?



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    the error is likely in the last textwidget (the ‘loan’ one)

    there is a block of four closing divs just before the last ‘script’ in that textwidget:


    remove one of them </div>.

    alchymyth, wow, it worked, thanks so much.

    It’s annoying that such a small thing caused the issue, especially as I was sent that code to place in the Widget.

    Thanks for everyone’s help, it’s much appreciated.

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