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    Hi there,

    I’m using the Hueman theme and I have my site all set up but the footer area is hidden behind a white panel. Since it is hidden it does not show the copyright information that I would like to display. Also (I’m not sure whether this is intended) the footer widgets are being displayed above the coloured footer bar instead of within it. On top of that the email subscription widget I had in the footer area takes the user off site to my host’s affiliate page for some reason.

    If somebody could take a look at my site and see what the problem is I’d be very happy indeed!

    Here’s the link to my site:

    Thanks for reading 😀

    (Also, bonus brownie points to anyone can tell me why my site structure gets all messed up when I try to create and activate a child theme)

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  • soykatorce



    You have set the footer background color to white (#fff). Change it in Customize – Footer

    In the Hueman theme the footer widgets are intentional display above footer. You can make them look like part of the footer changing their background color in using a child theme css. #page .container-inner { background: your color;}

    Good luck

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    Hi Dario, thanks for replying.

    I’ve had a look in the customiser and I think I actually set it to #333333 to match the header colours so I’m not sure whether that’s the issue (there are two coloured strips either side of the footer bar that change when I use the customiser but not the main footer area).

    I thought the same thing as you initially and had a fiddle with the css file to see whether I could see the problem, but ended up not changing anything.

    As for the footer widgets, that’s fine I just wasn’t sure whether they were supposed to be in their position or not, they look fine were they are 😀

    Is there anything else that could be causing the issue?



    After looking at your site with Chrome Inspector, I get to believe that the trouble is your hosting service forcing some lines of code for self advertising purposes.

    Try the following in your child theme CSS

    #page .container-inner { background: initial!important }

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    Ah I see, that’s a bit naughty!

    Anyway thanks for letting me know, I’m going to leave this thread open whilst I try and get my child theme working, then I’ll give an update when I’ve tried the above.

    Aha! I tried your fix just using the parent theme’s css file and it worked, so it’ll work when I get the child theme sorted and apply it to the child css file instead.

    Thanks for the fix Dario, I appreciate it 😀

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