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  • I previously posted this resolved but trying to resolve it created another footer/widget issue which was eventually resolved. I stated it was resolved but failed to remember that the initial issue was that I wanted to change my background color to black. I would think that if I change the background color to black, the widget area would automatically change to the same color. If that is correct, then I just need to make by footer color black rather than the current white at I have researched this and asked several times without resolve. Most instructions seem like I like do or should understand css and I am only now learning so I need specific php or css names to edit and under what section of the script to insert or change color to black. Can someone please help me as I trying to resolve this and move on.

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  • Are you using a custom CSS plug-in? Hope so, as you absolutely should not be making any changes in theme files. Doing so will create major problems down the road and you will lose all your work when WP is updated.

    Or use a child theme — as has been recommended in previous threads.

    That said, add this to your CSS:

    #colophon {
        background: none repeat scroll 0 0 black;

    Where do I add it? I am using the clean style.css in twenty eleven. Sorry, but I keep saying I’m new and trying to learn.

    Sorry, but do not make changes to that file. After you have a child theme or custom CSS plug-in, add it there.

    I have a child theme. It’s under /twenty-eleven-child/ directory with a style.css and a functions.php file in it. I created it yesterday. It was really confusing as the WordPress support document talked as if I was adept at editing script. But still, exactly where would I put that script in the child theme style.css? That’s where I keep getting lost.

    There is not a child theme active on that site — did you switch to the child theme? Once you change to it, you put the CSS above in the new (empty except for the top part) style.css file.

    I used the create child theme at

    Now, I’m missing my footer widget links. The custom menus (3 of them) are in the Sidebar Footer Area One correctly.

    The other problem is my navigation menu under my header image list several menu items however when I go to my Appearance + Menu, the menu is set up exactly like I want it. My main menu is titled RHT with four (4) secondary menus for the custom menu widgets. Getting closer. What do you think?

    My child theme is set up at /public_html/wp-content/themes/twenty-eleven child/ with the new style.css and the content-page.php only in the directory.

    Background looks fine now too after placing the code you gave me above. Is there a place to change the link words from blue to white? Blue on Black background is a little too dark. I am so thankful that you helped me get this far. Feeling better.

    Just fixed it. Didn’t have the main menu selected in the Appearance – Menu selection work area. Guess if the footer link names can change to white, I’m done. If it can’t, it will be alright.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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