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  • chapster01


    Hey guys! Would really appreciate a little feedback on my Football blog. There are a few niggling issues with the design at the top (really struggling to correct things, but I’ll keep trying) but overall I think I’m happy with it. I’m getting some excellent viewing figures and people have made nice comments. Any constructive feedback from my fellow bloggers would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  • tab0429


    Nice site. Here are my suggestions for improvement:

    (1) The header image needs to be the same size as the main body
    (2) Your site title and tagline are a bit hard to read against the image, maybe add a shadow or outline or change colors… though it is readable as is.
    (3) “No categories” appears over the header image on the “About Us” page
    (4) I’m viewing the contact page on my laptop (15.6 inch screen) and all I can see if the image, which links to just a larger version. To see your contact info I have to scroll down … I’d make the image smaller, unlink it and ensure that your contact info is visible immediately. Also consider adding a contact form.
    (5) The social networking links should be separated from the amazon widget, and centered. As well as the counter.



    Focus less on design and more on quality of content. The more first hand content you can get the better. Try to interview players, coaches, and other experts.



    Thanks for the comments, guys. Tab: It’s the ‘technical’ side I’m struggling with. I can’t get rid of the ‘no categories’ for the life of me and the imaging appears to be missing in the FTP manager on my host site. It’s a shame because it looks like little tweaks and it’s close to being spot on… As far as the header image goes, I don’t think I can get it to fit the width of the full body…

    Webene: With it being a blog, it’s hard to get to interview players as we are relative unkowns, although it is something I’d love to be able to do further down the line!

    Thanks again for the comments, I’ll try to fix the issues best I can 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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